Name               COLIN HODGE                                           

Birthday          DECEMBER 13 1998                                               

Birthplace        ALBANY, NY     


Belt Rank        PURPLE              


Coach/Instructor        COACH   TIM  TOCCO



Athletic Credentials




Zodiac sign     SAGITTARIUS                                            

Righty/Lefty   RIGHTY                                            

Coke or Pepsi              COKE                        

Cars or Trucks             CARS                        

Cats or Dogs   DOGS                                    

Hot or Cold     COLD                                    

Pants or shorts SHORTS                                            

Long sleeves or short sleeves  SHORTS                    

If you could have one wish, what would it be OWN A CAR

What is your favorite season                           SUMMER

What is your favorite type of music   ROCK

Do you have a website                                   

Do you like camping   YES                           

Do you like theme parks         YES               

Indoors or Outdoors   OUTDOORS                         

Favorite type of movie COMEDY                            

Do you have any siblings        2 TWIN BROTHERS                       

How many                                                     

What pets do you have (if any)                      DOG

T.V. or Computer                    TV                  

Do you play an instrument      NO                 

Do you speak more than one language          

What are your 3 favorite sports          TKD, SOCCER, FOOTBALL          

How many posters are on your wall               3

Hardwood floor or carpet in your bedroom   HARDWOOD

Is your room messy or tidy                 TIDY 

Top 5 favorite foods               BAGELS, MAC/CHEESE, CHEESEBURGERS, BANANAS                 

How many best friends do you have  3                     

Would you rather go to the movies or rent a movie   GO

3 Favorite things to do at home                      WATCH TV, PLAY OUTSIDE, RIDE BIKE        

Swimming in the ocean or a pool                    OCEAN         

Are you confident                   YES                           

Do you like to take risks         YES                           

Favorite subject in school MATH                                          

Least favorite subject in school ENGLISH                           

Clothes shopping or grocery shopping            CLOTHES     

Do you have a job       NO                                         

Do you drive               NO                                         

Say one extra thing about yourself

Competition Record if Any

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