Danielle Erika Gay

Birthday- October 31st, 1995      


Birthplace- Poughkeepsie, NY

Belt Rank- 2nd Dan Black Belt

Coach/Instructor- Timothy Tocco

Athletic Credentials

 GOLD @ 2011 Adirondack AAU National Championship Qualifier

September 2010 AAU Team Trials Qualifier

BRONZE @ 2010 AAU National Championship

SILVER @ 2007 AAU National Championship

SILVER @ 2007 USAT National Qualifier

Full Bio

TKD School- Peak Performance NY

Zodiac Sign- Scorpio

Righty/Lefty- Lefty

Coke or Pepsi- Coke

Cars or Trucks- Cars

Cats or dogs- Cats

Hot or Cold- Hot

Pants or Shorts- Shorts

Long sleeves or short sleeves- Long sleeves

If you could have one wish, what would it be? To meet Mike Posner.

What is your favorite season? Spring.

What is your favorite type of music? Hip-Hop/Rap.

Do you have a website? No.

Do you like camping? Yes.

Do you like theme parks? Yes.

Indoors or Outdoors- Indoors

Favorite Type of Movie- Comedy

Do you have any siblings? An older twin sister.

How many- 1.

What pets do you have (if any)- 2 Cats and 1 Rabbit.

T.V. or Computer- Computer.

Do you play an instrument? Guitar/Piano.

Do you speak more than one language? Yes- English and Spanish.

What are your 3 favorite sports?  TKD, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee

How many posters are on your wall? 7 posters.

Hardwood floor or carpet in your bedroom? Carpet.

Is your room messy or tidy?  Messy.

Top 5 favorite foods- Chicken Lo Mein, Chicken Cutlets, Veggie Chips, Ice Cream, Cannolis

How many best friends do you have? 1.

Would you rather go to the movies or rent a movie? Go to the movies.

3 Favorite things to do at home- Train, use the computer, and hang out with my sister.

Swimming in the ocean or a pool? Pool.

Are you confident? Yes.

Do you like taking risks? No.

Favorite Subject in school?  Biology.

Least favorite subject in school? I don’t have one.

Clothes shopping or grocery shopping? Clothes shopping.

Do you have a job? Yes.

Do you drive?  No.

One extra thing about me:

I plan to study Physical Therapy at Duke University.

Competition Record:

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