Benjamin Snow

Birthday July 5, 1998

Birthplace Fairfax, Virginia

Belt Rank Black, 1st Degree

Coach/Instructor Scott Snow

Tkd School World Class Martial Arts

Athletic Credentials


2011 Daedo invitational Gold

2010 VA AAU Qualifier State Championship Gold

21010 MD AAU Qualifier State Championship - Gold

2010 AAU National Championship Bronze

2010 AAU Jr. Olympic Gold

2010 TTF Ohio Gold

2009 VA AAU Qualifier State Championship Gold

2009 MD AAU Qualifier State Championship - Gold

2009 AAU National Championship Silver

2009 TTF Ohio Gold

2008 VA AAU Qualifier State Championship Gold

2008 AAU National Championship Gold

Righty/Lefty -----Righty

Coke or Pepsi -----Neither

Cars or Trucks -----Cars

Cats or Dogs -----Dogs

Hot or Cold -----Hot

Pants or shorts -----Pants

Long sleeves or short sleeves -----Long

If you could have one wish, what would it be -----For all my wishes to come true

What is your favorite season -----Summer

What is your favorite type of music -----Christian

Do you have a website -----Not yet

Do you like camping -----No

Do you like theme parks -----No

Indoors or Outdoors -----Both

Favorite type of movie -----Action

Do you have any siblings -----Yes

How many -----2

What pets do you have (if any) -----2 Fish

T.V. or Computer -----Computer

Do you play an instrument -----Piano

Do you speak more than one language -----No

What are your 3 favorite sports -----TKD, Football, Basketball

How many posters are on your wall -----None

Hardwood floor or carpet in your bedroom -----Carpet

Is your room messy or tidy -----Tidy

Top 5 favorite foods -----Corn Souflle, Brownies, Chicken Alfredo,

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pho Noodle Soup

How many best friends do you have -----4

Would you rather go to the movies or rent a movie -----Rent

3 Favorite things to do at home -----Reading, Football, PS/3

Swimming in the ocean or a pool -----Pool

Are you confident -----Most of the time

Do you like to take risks ----Yes

Favorite subject in school -----Science

Least favorite subject in school -----Geography

Clothes shopping or grocery shopping -----Clothes

Do you have a job -----No

Do you drive -----No

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