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The primary objective of the Peak Performance Team is to develop Taekwondo athletes capable of successfully competing at the national & international level.  To achieve this goal, we have implemented an instructional program based on modern sports science principles.  The sparring curriculum was developed in conjunction with head coach Juan Moreno and utilizes his proven methods for achieving competitive success.  Along with the sport-specific training, the team regularly participates in a strength and conditioning program.  Designed to facilitate general athletic development, this component of the curriculum is administered by Coach Michael Macchioni, a nationally recognized figure in the field of sports performance enhancement training.

Our Training consist of three sessions:


Session 2: DRILLS


Peak Performance        Saturday          10:00 11:00 am   



     A 1.0 hour session will be administered at the NorthEast Sport Training complex by Michael Macchioni, Strength & Conditioning Coach for the New England PEAK PERFORMANCE TEAM. This functional training program is designed to enhance performance in Sport Taekwondo.  The focus is on developing the general athletic attributes of strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility.  

Peak Performance        Saturday      11:30 am 1:00 pm  TECHNIQUE Training



     This 1.5 hour training session is directed by Coach Chea.  The session will focus on the development of sparring techniques (including stance, footwork, hand strikes and kicking).  Sport-specific conditioning will also be incorporated into the session.

Peak Performance        Saturday          2:00 pm 4:00 pm

SKILL  Training


       This 2.0 hour period will be devoted to enhancing the athlete’s performance in the competition setting.  Drills are designed to allow for the conversion of techniques into sparring skills.  Along with specific instruction in the strategic aspects of Sport Taekwondo, there will be a minimum of one hour of supervised full-contact sparring.   Each athlete will be critiqued by the coaching staff during the practice session.

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