Athletes who train at CHEA'S TAEKWONDO have the opportunity to qualify for membership on the PEAK PERFORMANCE NATIONAL TEAM.  This team of sport Taekwondo competitors is headed by Juan Miguel Moreno, current USA National Team coach.  Member athletes from the New England area train at the ATS facility under Master Tom Chea, one of the six regional Peak Performance coaches in the United States. 


     The primary objective of the Peak Performance Team is to develop Taekwondo athletes capable of successfully competing at the national & international level.  To achieve this goal, we have implemented an instructional program based on modern sports science principles.  The sparring curriculum was developed in conjunction with head coach Juan Moreno and utilizes his proven methods for achieving competitive success.  Along with the sport-specific training, the team regularly participates in a strength and conditioning program.  Designed to facilitate general athletic development, this component of the curriculum is administered by Coach Michael Macchioni, a nationally recognized figure in the field of sports performance enhancement training.


     Membership on the Peak Performance Team is by invitation only.  A position must be earned; standards for selection are high.  To become a team member, the athlete must display exceptional dedication, skill, physical fitness and team spirit over an extended time period.  Performance at regional and national competitions will also be taken into account during the selection process.  Once membership is achieved, there will be three rank levels to attain based on an analysis of the athlete’s physical attributes, skill level & competition results.



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