DOB:          12-09-1999

BELT:   Black



                           WARWICK, RI

Athletic Credentials

2010 US. Open-- BRONZE

2010 New York National Qualifier -- SILVER

2009 National QualifierGold        

 2009 New York State Gold                     

 2009   Big East Gold                

 2009 Championship NY Queens                 

 2009   Connecticut State Gold     

 2009   Massachusetts State   Silver 

 2009 USAT Maryland State  Bronze  

 2008  Jr. Olympics Bronze      

 2008 National Qualifier Silver      

 2008  Connticute State  Silver       

 2008 Big East Gold   

2007 Road Island Silver   Sparing

2007 Connecticut Gold    

 2007           Road Island State Gold          

 2007 Garden State Gold                       



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Name                                                               Louis Dante Votre

Birthday                                                          December 9, 1999

Birthplace                                                        Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

Belt Rank                                                        First Degree Black

Coach/Instructor                                             Ki Bum Jang

Tkd School                                                      World Champion Taekwondo

Zodiac sign                                                     Sagittarius

Righty/Lefty                                                   Righty

Coke or Pepsi                                                  Coke

Cars or Trucks                                                 Trucks

Cats or Dogs                                                   Dogs

Hot or Cold                                                     Hot

Pants or shorts                                                 Shorts

Long sleeves or short sleeves                          Short Sleeves

If you could have one wish, what would it be     For my mother to marry Bill Gates?

What is your favorite season                           summer

What is your favorite type of music               I don’t know, I like what I like.

Do you have a website                                    World of War craft

Do you like camping                                       I never had the chance, but would really want to.

Do you like theme parks                                 Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!!!

Indoors or Outdoors                                       Outdoors

Favorite type of movie                                    War & Action

Do you have any siblings                                Yes, Aaron ( M) 17, Peri (F) 13, Christian (M) 4

How many                                                      4 living

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